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Everyone cares when it’s too late

Is your joke still funny when it shatters one arm? Bully jokes are never meant to be funny. Never. You don’t know the reasons why the boy you make fun of crying is crying, the girl you call lame never goes out with friends and the girl you pushed down in the hall never fights back. Well, he might be struggling because of his mother is dying. And she never goes out with friends might be because she works at night. She never fights back because she’s tired of protecting herself from abusive family. Deep inside, they always wish someone will actually care. You never know and care until it’s too late, don’t you?! You don’t even realize that you’re slowly killing them, do you? Until they kill themselves and you’ll say ‘OMG, they were so beautiful, why did they do that?’ 

Lemme tell you what, what you said in the end is totally useless and can’t change anything at all. What you gotta do now is stop it with what you call ‘funny jokes’ that kill people. 



Think before you speak.. Seriously. Someones life could be absolutely terrible, and your words could push them over the edge. Especially all these ‘anonymous’  people hiding behind computer screens, bullying people online..